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French interior designer and artist, Julie Gauthron, plays with colour and constrasts to create harmonious interiors with character, coherence and a singular identity.

For the Crayon in Paris, Julie designed a hotel with the youthful feel of an artists’ retreat. Guests are invited to express their creativity with the stroke of a pen on the doors and walls of their room. Following the success of the Crayon, Julie designed the Crayon’s sister hotel, the Crayon Rouge. Shortly followed by the Idol Hotel, and more recently the Hotel Exquis, the Grimaldi (Nice) and the Grand Hotel du Midi (Montpellier).

Her experience as a set designer, graphic and product designer gave her the professional and creative know-how to establish her own agency, Exquise Exquisse. Today, Julie works across product design, brand identity and interior design for stores & hotels.


  • Marion Bonerandi - Interior designer
  • Stéphane Bureau - Designer produit
  • Christophe Gautrand - Landscape architect
  • Gordana Gazzola - Architect DPLG
  • Hoby - Execution Architect
  • Remy Kerbiquet - Perspectiviste
  • Maris Langlais - Retail Interior designer
  • Emilie Maltoff - Interior designer
  • Aurélie Simon - Consulting & project management hotels
  • David Valy & Annelise Cochet, Camping Design - Graphistes
  • Julie Zuber - Interior designer